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FluenC is a user -friendly, domain-specific, interactive and experiential learning App that integrates Generative AI with a strong foundation in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW) skills. FluenC aims to address the global need for communicating in English with Confidence.


Empowering people to speak in English with Confidence and help them articulate their knowledge and ideas with ease.


Our goal is to address the global need for English proficiency, enabling individuals to thrive personally and professionally in an interconnected world.

Importance of Communicative English

English serves as a bridge that connects Indians from diverse linguistic backgrounds, facilitating personal, professional, and academic growth in an increasingly interconnected world. Here are some real-life scenarios.

Career Opportunities

An aspiring software engineer from Pune aiming for a job at a leading tech MNC’s needs strong English communication skills for technical interviews and project presentations.

Global Collaboration

Consider a civil engineering student from Chennai working on a construction project funded by an international organization. Effective English communication ensures seamless collaboration with engineers from different countries.

Leadership Development

Consider a management trainee from Kolkata participating in a leadership development program. Effective English communication skills are essential for leading teams, presenting business strategies, and influencing stakeholders.

Academic Excellence

Picture an electronics engineering student from Hyderabad preparing for a research internship at IIT Delhi. Proficiency in English is crucial for understanding technical papers and presenting research findings at conferences.

Global Opportunities

Imagine an MBA graduate from Mumbai aspiring to work in multinational corporations like Tata Group or Reliance Industries. Fluent English communication opens doors to global job opportunities and leadership roles.

Professional Networking

Think of a marketing executive from Bengaluru attending a business conference. Proficient English communication enables networking with industry experts, potential clients, and investors, fostering career growth and business opportunities.

Global Research Collaboration

Consider a pharmacy student from Mumbai collaborating on a research project with scientists from abroad. Proficiency in English facilitates communication, data analysis, and publication of research findings in international journals.

Career Advancement

Imagine a nursing professional from Kerala aiming for a career in healthcare management. Strong English communication skills are essential for pursuing postgraduate studies, attending seminars, and securing administrative roles in hospitals or healthcare organizations.

In summary, mastering communicative English is indispensable for students and young professionals in engineering, management, and healthcare fields in India. It enables them to access career opportunities, collaborate globally, excel academically, develop leadership skills, network effectively, provide quality services, engage in research collaboration, and advance their careers in their respective domains.


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About FluenC

FluenC is a breakthrough first-of-its-kind mobile App developed by a team of seasoned professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in Technology, Language Studies, and Training. Recognizing the critical need for improved communication skills in we have developed FluenC to empower both students and professionals to speak in English with confidence.

Our App utilizes the LSRW (Learning, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) methodology, offering a simple yet comprehensive approach to language learning. Users can expect to enhance their conversation and speaking skills supported by grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and more through interactive practice exercises.

FluenC caters to requirements specific to various streams of education or profession, like, Engineering, management and healthcare to state a few. This domain specific practice sessions makes this app unique and relevant to the user. Our commitment lies in delivering domain-specific, engaging content, along with high-quality learning materials, practical exercises.

Instant correction and recommendation are made possible using Generative AI.

FluenC provides a comprehensive solution to communicate with confidence through our integrated approach of LSRW methodology, Domain specific content and generative AI.


Why FluenC

Product Features –

AI-based interactive product with a holistic approach

A product with

  1. LSRW Methodology -FluenC offers a robust LSRW foundation across ten modules:
    • Listening: Extensive video and audio content with vocabulary exercises to aid word retention.
    • Speaking: Exercises, questioning techniques, and conversation simulations for fluency and accuracy, with instant feedback.
    • Reading: Content to improve grammar, expand vocabulary, encourage digital learning, critical thinking, and contextual knowledge.
    • Writing: Practice for clarity, self-expression, creativity, reviewing for better communication, and attention to detail.
  2. Domain focussed – Domain specific content and vocabulary for industries such as Engineering, Healthcare and Management
  3. Generative AI:For language processing, instant corrections and to create interactive activities. This approach provides users with dynamic and engaging content tailored to their specific needs and preferences


How it works


Communicative English proficiency is essential for engineering students because it allows access to technical literature, enables global collaboration, facilitates effective technical communication, enhances employability, supports professional development, ensures compliance with standards, and promotes cross-cultural understanding, all vital for success in the engineering field.

Communicative English proficiency is vital for management students because it grants access to business literature, enables global networking, facilitates effective communication in the workplace, enhances employability, supports professional development, ensures compliance with industry standards, and promotes cross-cultural understanding. These skills are essential for success in the dynamic and globalized field of management.

Communicative English proficiency is crucial for healthcare students such as nurses, physiotherapists, lab technicians,  because it provides access to medical literature and research, enables communication with patients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, enhances employability in an increasingly globalized healthcare industry, supports professional development through participation in conferences and collaborations, ensures adherence to medical standards and regulations, and promotes cross-cultural understanding, essential for delivering quality patient care in multicultural environments

Communicative English proficiency is fundamental for teaching faculty because it enables access to educational resources, facilitates communication with students and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, enhances employability in international academic settings, supports professional development through research dissemination and collaboration, ensures compliance with educational standards and regulations, and promotes cross-cultural understanding, essential for creating inclusive learning environments and effectively conveying knowledge to students.

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