Refund and Cancellation Policy

Based on the nature of the business, the relevancy and the context of the business, Lingoleap Private Limited does not have a refund process or cancellation scope as the App user would pay in advance for the learning course and content. However, in cases where the payment is received from the user but whereas due to unforeseen circumstances, if we happen to bring down the App or decide to close the content and only in such cases the amount received from an individual or an institution will be refunded subject to paying 80% of the received amount after holding 20% towards administrative and other charges.

Any refund liable to be paid by Lingoleap Pvt Ltd will be paid within 7 working days. We at Lingoleap will make all efforts possible to service the customer and keep up our commitments. Only in situations beyond our control or any natural calamity arising due to an act of God, we will not be able to refund the amount in full.

For queries, users can write to
Contact number :+91 97409 51313